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7+1 benefits of joining a co-working space

Using a co-working space as your workplace is one of the best alternatives to working from home, and it’s also a good solution to maintain a sense of “routine”, especially when you’re traveling and working from another city or even country, whether you are a digital nomad or an employee of a company that has rented space for you to work from there.

But let’s start with the basics: what is a co-working space?

It is a workplace for people who don’t work in the office, which has all the necessary infrastructure for working, such as office furniture, internet connection, IT equipment, etc. It is a type of space that over the years has become extremely popular for freelancers, digital nomads, small businesses and/or startups, who usually co-exist in a common large space, while there are also cases where dedicated spaces are created for their exclusive use.

What are the benefits of working in a co-working space?

Meeting people

Unlike traditional workplaces, where people are working on the same subject or maybe on the same project, in a co-working space you will meet many different people who deal with different subjects each and have different knowledge and skills! And the most important? You will be able to inspire and be inspired by them.


Sometimes there’s no better way to get inspired than by changing your surroundings. So, moving from a workspace like the classic environment to your office or your home, can boost your creativity.


In addition to the workplace, many co-working spaces also offer participation in various types of events, workshops and networking events, through which you can acquire or develop skills and start new collaborations.

Continuous movement

We mentioned it in the introduction, but the existence of co-working spaces is what allows you to travel and work at the same time, without having to do this from your hotel room or from a noisy cafe.

It’s more affordable

It is clearly more affordable to work from a co-working space than to rent and maintain an office, with all that it entails in supplying equipment and covering fixed costs.

Perfect for your beginning

The very fact that co-working spaces are more economical than opening your own office makes them an ideal solution for starting a new business, so they also generally strengthen entrepreneurship.

Sense of time

When you work from home, it is very likely that you will lose track of time or even get distracted, so working in a co-working space ensures to a greater extent that you will not… get lost in time working for endless hours. Moreover your work will be more efficient.

And the most important?

They boost your mood

No more feeling of loneliness and anxiety, which you can have when working alone or alone within four walls. The co-working space is par excellence a socializing space, where you will coexist with other people, who will be working in the same space.

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