Meet the team

Anestis Chatzidiakos

Co-founder and programs director.

He holds a Computer Science degree from the Aristotle's University of Thessaloniki. He is the founder of TEDxThessaloniki conference (2009) and for many years the head of its team, founding member of IDEA team of volunteers (2015), who organized several cultural events and also founding member of TEDxLesvos team (2015). He was a member of team (2006-2011), which was the first greek online media about technology and entrepreneurship and editor in chief of Restart TV show about entrepreneurship and science at TV100 in Thessaloniki (2011-2012). He is the founder of Quidro team of communication professionals (2013), since 2021 is a member of the North Aegean Regional Innovation Office staff and he has also worked on several aspects of many different media projects.

Life moto ("stolen" from Socrates): "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on the fighting the old, but on building the new."

Ignatis Chatzidiakos

Co-founder, our "how-to-do" coordinator and our CFO.

Due to his studies as an Electronic Engineer and his participation as a Production Manager of TEDx Lesvos from 2015 until today, he believes that nothing is impossible, as long as there is a proper planning and sub-goals are achieved. He strongly believes that volunteering can change our daily lives, and that’s why he participated as a General Coordinator of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Lesvos, from 2016 to 2019. Born in Lesvos, he chose to return to it when his studies were completed, in order to contribute to the development of the island, as a freelancer and member of other three companies.

Life moto: Without commitment you’ll never start. Without consistency you’ll never finish. One step at a time.

Caterina Taka

On board since 2020, she’s our can-do coordinator with a multidisciplinary experience in the business industry and academia.

Born in Lesvos, Katerina has lived in 6 countries, holding a BSc in Marketing & Communications, a Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship and a Research Master’s in Neuroscience and Economics. She has worked for international organizations and academic institutions in marketing, data analytics, business intelligence, social welfare and socioeconomic research. In 2016, she proudly organized the FuckUp Nights Athens, an event series that celebrates professional stories of failure, as the Marketing Manager of Mindspace NPO.

Life moto: "If you don’t like where you are, move you are not a tree!"

Marios Mitsellis

One of our founding members and the... "multi-tool" of our team!

He worked in Artabout Creative Design in Thessaloniki (2013-2014) and he is a member of Quidro team of communication professionals since 2017. He is also a founding member of IDEA team of volunteers and TEDxLesvos (2015) as a member of the production team.

He holds an Informatics degree from Technological Department of Thessaloniki's Technological Educational Institute.