Privacy policy

CREATIVE HUB is a non profit organization based on Mytilene, Lesvos island, Greece.

What info we have and how we collect them

As part of our programs, we collect the essential information of representatives of participating companies, organizations, formal or informal groups of citizens, as well as possibly volunteers, suppliers, external partners and participants in actions, which are their identity and contact information (phone number, email). We also collect email addresses and names of those interested in receiving newsletters about our activities. In addition, for security reasons, the interior of the Creative Hub is monitored by a camera, and the video is stored for a certain period of time. Finally, our website collects cookies from its visitors in order to customize the user experience.

Details of participants and volunteers are given by them by filling out forms during the registration process.

The details of our newsletter subscribers are given by them by filling out the signup form or by us only if they have given their consent while filling other forms (i.e. subscribing to an event).

The accounting information is given by the clients or partners themselves when signing the contract between us.

Cookies are automatically collected, and they do not allow users to be identified, but only recognize technical features, such as the browser used and IP in case of unsuccessful login attempts to the site administration page.

How we use and protect the data we collect

The data we collect is used to identify and communicate with data subjects about the programs or actions in which they are participating, and for future actions (if they have stated that they wish to receive this kind of information). The data is also used to issue legal documents for our financial transactions (invoices, receipts, etc), as well as to prevent illegal and / or criminal activity. Data from the security camera is kept for a short time and is used for security purposes.

CREATIVE HUB has taken the appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect these data. However, the data subject acknowledges that no method of protection is 100% effective. Yet, CREATIVE HUB, in the event of any kind of data loss or leakage, will take all necessary steps provided by GDPR and Greek law.

Who has access to the data and who we share it with

Only employees or volunteers of the CREATIVE HUB, who are responsible for carrying out the necessary tasks, for the purpose of their processing, have access to the personal data. The data above is processed exclusively within the CREATIVE HUB and is not disclosed to third parties.

Data subject consent

While collecting the data above, the subject declares that he/she consents to their storage and processing by CREATIVE HUB, in accordance with the terms of this document. By accepting these terms and voluntarily providing personal data, the subject declares his / her consent, expressly agrees, and unconditionally accepts the processing of his / her personal data by CREATIVE HUB in accordance with the terms of this document.

In case of any disagreement, anyone interested should contact CREATIVE HUB at

The subject has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of his data at any time. However, this withdrawal does not affect the legality of the processing of data based on prior consent, as well as the possible further processing of the data under another legal basis, such as compliance with the terms of a contract or CREATIVE HUB’s compliance with its legal obligations.

Data subject rights

The subject has every right provided for in the provisions of Articles 15-22 of GDPR, and more specifically the right to be informed about the processing of his data, the right to access personal data related to him, which are currently or were at the past being processed and the right to object to the processing of personal data related to him.

To exercise the above rights the subject should contact the CREATIVE HUB at

Applicable law

This text, as well as any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection therewith, is governed by Greek Law and as defined by the GDPR, and the exclusive jurisdiction thereof is the Courts of Lesvos island, Greece.

CREATIVE HUB always looks for a friendly and out-of-court settlement of any dispute arising out of the application or interpretation of the terms herein, and proposes to contact its management by sending an email at

Privacy policy changes

Any changes of the CREATIVE HUB privacy policy will be published on and will be effective from the time of publication unless otherwise noted.

How to contact CREATIVE HUB

For any further information or clarification on what is stated in this document or to exercise any of your legal rights, you may contact CREATIVE HUB at