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I have a great idea! And now what?


The first steps of implementing an idea, usually are the ones which seem to be the most difficult, maybe because we actually don’t know them! Creative Hub come to solve this problem.

We have about ten years’ experience on working on creative projects development, and we think that we have many thing to share with other creators! Some of our projects succeeded and others did not. In any case they were a great chance for us to gain important experience and knowledge, which we want to share with others and contribute to the development of a creative environment. You see, we strongly believe that (as Robert Noyce said)…

Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is powered multiplied.

“Creative” is not only whatever has to do with Arts and Culture, but anything which requires a creative process for the transformation of an… “intangible” idea to a “tangible” product, service or project.

How can Creative Hub help on that?

In two ways…

The “direct” one is by participating (having a specific role) in the implementation of a project. In that case, Creative Hub becomes one of the creator’s partners.

The “indirect” one is by organizing or supporting actions, aiming to skills development, which we think that may be useful during the first steps of your project implementation.

Creative Hub is not…

… an investor, and currently it is not an incubation program. However, it is a platform that has just been launched and it is going to evolve.

If you want to find out more or discuss with us about your ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form you will find here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, by filling the form you will find at our homepage, or follow us on social media: